Highly recommended!

I originally visited Total Wellness for Physiotherapy following a long period of back, neck and shoulder aches & pains. Because of visiting I am now pain and ache free however, I made the choice to have continued ‘maintenance’ to ensure I’m in peak condition.

I was aware through my visits the clinic had a nutritional expert in Kim Hawkins, I believed my diet was reasonably healthy but felt I could do better. After my initial consultation I started a food diary and Kim & I worked together in replacement of foods and portion control.

Over further sessions and from my food diary Kim worked out I had a dairy intolerance, after adjusting my diet accordingly I felt better and gradually started to lose excess weight as a bonus, the benefits I have had are endless:

  • My asthma symptoms have very nearly disappeared
  • I no longer have sinus problems
  • Insect bites no longer become angry & swollen
  • I no longer have to take anti-histamine daily for allergies
  • I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8
  • My digestive system is the best it has been

I highly recommend Kim & Robert following my visit to their clinics.

T. Morris – Enfield

Sports Physio for a shoulder injury

I ‘crunched’ my shoulder hitting the ground as I smothered the ball in a goalkeeping Mel Kennymovement, two months later I capsized my kayak and found myself in excrutiating pain. Through a trusted network I found Robert Hawkins, he had a very calming manner and it felt like I was being treated by an expert. As well as benefiting from his carefully thought out treatments, his knowledge was insightful and his ‘tips’ on a range of personal health matters were very useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert to those with strains, sprains and muscular pains.

Mel – Marathon runner & goalkeeper 

Iron Man with a hip flexor spasm

I would like to take the time to express my gratitude to yourself and Matthew for the treatment and advice I received today.  You took the time to explain which muscles carry out a particular function and provided me with an overview of what is happening, this left me feeling confident and reassured that I came to the right place.

The Psoas muscle you worked on has definitely provided some relief which I really noticed when I left your clinic and had a short walk, it does feel different, I am not sure if I can explain how, but it feels better.

Please convey my thanks to Kim for her advice and guidance with my diet and to both you and Matthew for your help and guidance; it was very much appreciated and well worth the visit.

Dean Miller – In Iron Man Training

Stavros Flatley’s calf tear

I was set to perform on the Britain’s got talent show, I was very nervous and tense and as I danced Stavros Flatleythrough a semi-final performance my calf muscle tore, I left the studio in considerable pain. I was recommended to Mr Hawkins by a friend who had been treated for a knee problem, he was kind enough to visit me at home where he taped up my leg and advised me to use ice treatment, three days later I was due to perform again, I was taped again and able to dance pain-free that night , I cannot thank him enough as without this I would not have been able to dance on one of the most important days of my life

Stavros Flatley – Britain’s got talent finalist 2009

Plantar fasciitis injury

With only 8 weeks to go, it was the most depressing of my marathon training, Tonithe sore heel after the Watford half marathon just didn’t improve. A friend told me about a technique she’d heard of called functional fascial taping and finally I found a brilliant physio, Robert Hawkins that uses the technique. I saw Robert and later that day ran 4 miles almost pain free, then 6 the next day, 4 again the day after and 8 miles the fourth day, bringing my week’s total to 30 miles. I’ve got the confidence to step soundly as the pain has gone, I’m not even taking Ibuprofen any more!

Toni – Marathon runner


Nutritional therapy for health, diet & fitness

Talking to Kim has really helped me get back to health. She takes a very holistic approach and we discuss all aspects of my health, diet and fitness. I have followed her advice and taken supplements/ changed my diet to excellent effect. Within 3 months I am feeling much better and feel back to my old self.

Mr P.C.

Sports therapy for leg pain

I had leg pain and muscle tightness before visiting the Total Wellness Clinic and would very much recommend the clinic to anyone who required their services. My injuries were assessed and dealt with very professionally and the experience was very pleasant.

Mr S.G.