Cancer/Surgery Rehab Physiotherapy

Surgery recovery

If you've had surgery our Physiotherapist Robert can help with your rehabilitation. Over the last twenty years he has developed a deep understanding of the techniques that can improve joint mobility and muscle function after surgery; from using deep tissue massage and mobilisation to electrical stimulation to get muscles working again and ultrasound to reduce swelling.

Experience in surgery rehabilitation

Robert has experience with joint replacement surgery, surgical fracture repairs, dislocations, long standing tendon ruptures and where surgery may have gone wrong.

Breast cancer surgery & axial cording

If you've had breast cancer mastectomy, lumpectomy, lymph node removal and axial cording where shoulder and arm mobility may have been affected, Robert can advise you on exercises to supplement your hands-on treatment. We use the latest advances in electrical muscle stimulation to improve strength after surgery and inactivity to get you back to full health, strength and mobility quickly. If you've had surgery and feel restricted in movement call now 020 8364 3550 to see how he can help.