What is NMES? Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation is a form of electro-therapy designed to eliminate disuse atrophy (muscle loss) when there is an injury or mechanical limiting factor for joints such as Osteo-arthritis.

It works by sending an electrical current through the muscles without the need for painful exercises. It can be used for almost any muscle in the human body and the treatment is available in clinic with the Compex wireless machine, or we have two types of devices available to hire or buy.

Please note: Our products are held in stock and can be dispatched same day if ordered before 12pm.

Compex SP6 Wireless

Rent for £35 per week for Muscle Stimulation and Analgesia, minimum six weeks.

Designed for athletes who practice their activity more than 3 times per week, SP 6.0 includes all the features of SP 4.0, but with wireless features that ensure total freedom of movement. Its easy-to-use colour screen even shows you where to place the electrodes!

Rental or Purchase of Compex SP6 Wireless 

Call us on 020 8372 5926 to discuss hiring and price options.

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Compex SP4

Rental for £30 per week, minimum 6 weeks.

The Compex SP4 is the Rehab replacement as far as we are concerned, it is a hand-held four channel device with fundamental electro-therapy programs for TENS (transcutaneus electrical nerve stimulation) and NMES (neuro muscular electrical stimulation).

It can be used at home with daily practice for rehabilitation in muscle recovery, pain relief and strength training for £30 per week.

Rental or Purchase of Compex Rehab 

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Empi Phoenix

Rent for £129 for up to eight weeks,specifically designed for patients awaiting knee surgery or replacement, it can be used prior and post surgery to strengthen the quadriceps muscles, which provide strength and stability to the knee, reduce swelling and for pain relief.

Rental of Empi Phoenix

If you wish to rent an Empi Phoenix for home use call us now on  020 8372 5926 to discuss hiring and pricing options.

We currently have one ex-rental machine for sale @ £225.00 including VAT, please call to enquire.

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Empi Phoenix Replacement Electrodes

The Empi Phoenix electrodes need replacement from time to time so replacements are available, click below to add them to your basket.