Body Helix – Arm Helix for Biceps/Triceps

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The Arm Helix is a bicep compression brace that assists with muscle and tendon injuries, commonly associated with biceps, triceps and arm strains and pain.  Easily slips on and fits well under clothing. 100% Machine Washable.



Product Snapshot

  • Bicep compression and support for pain relief and injury prevention
  • Machine washable
  • High-tech Super Stretch material stays in place

High Performance Arm Helix

The Arm Helix is a bicep compression brace designed to ease pain from a bicep strain or a bicep tendon injury.

The Arm Helix is also a great tool to help reduce the oscillation of the muscles of the upper arm while keeping them warm, thereby protecting the bicep and tricep muscles and tendons from possible re-injury.

The Arm Helix utilises Form Fit Technology and is made from our Super Stretch or Cool Stretch material.  It provides full range of motion while remaining anchored to the skin and firmly in place. The product will not absorb excess water, bacteria, or odours. 100% Machine Washable

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