Donjoy OA Adjuster 3 knee brace

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  • The improved OA Adjuster™ 3 is powered by nano MAG™ and reinforced with a tough aluminum frame making it the most durable and functional DonJoy OA knee brace.
  • Choose your knee size, side and aspect to order, if you’re not sure how to do this call us & we can guide you through the process.
  • Fitting with our registered Physiotherapist is included in the price (value £60) via Zoom during Covid-19, call for more details on 020 8372 5926
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      • Adjuster Technology

    Provides the highest average amount of condylar separation. (Komistek Study-head-to-head comparisons of commercially available OTS OA knee braces.)

      • Lightweight and Tough

    The combination of the durability of aluminum and leveraging the strength of nano MAG™ make it lightweight and tough.

      • Functional Comfort

    Sleek design combines a new calf contour design and an evolution in nano MAG material science.

      • Clinically-Proven

    DonJoy’s Adjuster™ Technology offloads a little – or a lot – and nano MAG Technology on the offloading side provides lightweight function with the strength of aircraft-grade aluminum. Floating hinges allow a contoured, personalized fit for all levels of activity.

      • 4 Points of Leverage™ System

    Pioneered by DonJoy, it provides clinically proven ligament stability with:

      1. anterior thigh anchor
      2. posterior tibia anchor
      3. lower thigh strap pushes femur anteriorly
      4. anterior tibia strap applies an active constant load to prevent anterior tibial translation.
      • Contoured Calf Cuff

    The posterior calf cuff is contoured to enhance overall brace suspension for various levels of activity and it is designed to fit a variety of body shapes and sizes.

    • Commended for Ease-of-Use by the Arthritis Foundation

The OA Adjuster offers off-the-shelf solution to osteoarthritis pain with a Progressive Loading System, an integrated patient-controlled load adjustment. The Bi-Axial hinge allows for a double upright design to contour to the leg and fit comfortably, without moving. The Load Sensor, a DonJoy exclusive, helps to determine the forces being applied by the brace.

Please note: There is a £60 fee if you decide not to keep the brace after the fitting appointment.


Arthritis refers to more than 100 diseases that affect the joints and their surrounding tissues. Osteoarthritis, or OA, is the most common form of arthritis. The statistics on OA are staggering:

  • Approximately 1 in 5 adults (18.2%) over 45 years of age in England has osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • The prevalence ranges from around 15% to 21% across the counties in England.
  • The rate of knee replacements ranges from 1 to 6 people per thousand aged 45 years or older.

The joint most often affected by osteoarthritis is the knee. Knee OA is caused by the degeneration or breakdown of articular cartilage that covers the ends of the bones that meet at the joint.

Articular cartilage serves as a cushion between the bones, providing a smooth surface for the bones to move against each other. When the cartilage deteriorates the bones may actually be rubbing together. Your physician will often refer to this as “bone-on-bone” osteoarthritis.


Knee braces are available that are specifically designed to treat OA. They stabilize the joint, reduce pain and help to build stronger muscles, which allows patients to return to the activities they love.

Load re-distribution and joint alignment through a process called “off-loading” or shifting, OA braces can help relieve pain by redistributing the weight bearing load on the painful or affected compartment of the joint to the healthy or unaffected compartment.

Increased function Studies have shown that wearing an OA brace can increase function and decrease pain. Patients diagnosed with OA who wear a knee brace will generally feel better in the morning, be more active during the day, and rest more comfortably at night.


  • Braces cannot cure Osteo Arthritis and may not be right for everyone. However, it is a good solution for many people. Ideal candidates are typically active people who are motivated to strengthen their muscles and willing to wear a brace to realize the benefits of this form of treatment.
  • Discuss treatment goals with your doctor and others on your health care team before you get a brace.
  • Don’t expect a brace to feel good from the start. It may take from a week to a month to get used to how the brace feels on your leg. Be patient. It took a long time for your knee OA to develop.
  • Bracing has come close to eliminating pain for some people with knee OA, while others experience moderate relief.

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