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Motor Point Pen Gel 100ml

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Motor point pen gel is required to find the best point for stimulation on any given muscle.  100ml of contact gel is needed to provide the best point of contact to the skin with the motor point pen.


Motor Point Pen Gel provides contact for a motor point pen to find the best stimulation point.

Positioning of Electrodes

The positioning of electrodes is the most important factor to ensure a comfortable and efficient stimulation session.  Especially for programs inducing muscular contractions; resistance, strength, explosive strength, hypertrophy, rehabilitation.  Programs inducing muscular twitches; recovery, warm-up and muscular pain management programs, do not require the location of the motor point.

It is therefore essential to devote special care to this aspect.

Correct Placement of Electrodes

The correct placement of electrodes, and the use of significant energy intensity, allow for greater recruitment of muscle fibres. The higher the intensity level reached, the greater the recruitment of your muscle fibres.  Therefore the more muscle fibres working, the greater number of muscle fibres that strengthen.

What is a Motor Point

The motor point is where the motor nerve enters the muscle, an extremely localised area where the nerve is most sensitive to stimulation.  Most motor points are well known but the exact location varies in different individuals.

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