Body Helix – Full Wrist Helix

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Uniform compression is provided to the wrist and wrist flexors and extensors. The Full Wrist Helix is used for the management of wrist sprains and strains and for injury prevention in sports associated with repetitive activities. Support and warmth provides comfort to arthritis suffers.



Support Features:

  • Support and compression for wrist flexors and extensors
  • Medical-grade, physician-designed
  • Machine washable
  • Stays in place

Wrist Support Uses

There is no need to worry about bulky braces when treating or preventing wrist injuries. The Body Helix Full Wrist Helix compression wrap provides support to both wrist flexors and extensors in a comfortable, easy to slip on compression sleeve.

The Full Wrist Helix contains no plastic, so it is suitable for high school sports such as volleyball and gymnastics where regulations exist about materials allowed during game time. For nearly all sports, the Full Wrist Helix sleeve can aid in wrist injury treatment and support the wrist during the repetitive motions involved in those sports.

The warmth provided by the Body Helix wrist sleeve gives relief to arthritis patients.  It also provides increased blood flow to the wrist and hand, aiding in treatment of swelling associated with wrist injury.

Medical research notes that wrist splinting during exercise helps with the management of tennis elbow, perhaps by enhancing proprioception and unburdening the extensor tendons.

The Full Wrist Helix utilises Form Fit Technology and is made from our Super Stretch material. The Body Helix support will not absorb excess water, bacteria, or odors, and it can be washed after every wear.

Measuring the size of your compression support

It is very important to measure your hand circumference (the measurement around your hand) at the metacarpal heads, as shown in the photograph, in order to determine the proper fit for your wrist support. Please do not measure your wrist.

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