Nutrition Consultations and Support

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Pre Consultation Enquiry

If you have an enquiry and would like to discuss your symptoms but want more than a minute or two, we offer a 15 minute telephone pre-consultation for £15.  Choose from the drop down menu below and once we receive your order we will contact you to arrange the appointment at your convenience.

New Patient Initial Consultation & Follow-up

If you are a new patient choose ‘Initial Consultation’, this will cost £120.00 and covers a face to face/Zoom/Facetime initial consultation and one follow-up session over 2 hours.

Block Booking/Support

If you would like to book a course of treatments or you require on-going support please choose ‘Block Booking’ which covers six hours @ £55.00 to be taken within six months in person, or by telephone/Skype/Email/Text. See below for a full explanation.



Lite Enquiry/Supplements Review

If you have a supplement enquiry or would like to discuss your symptoms but need more than a minute or two, we offer a 15 minute telephone consultation for £15.  Choose from the drop down menu below and once we receive your order we will contact you to arrange the appointment at your convenience.  Please note: if you attend for further consultations or buy supplements from our online store, the £15 will be deducted from your bill.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a telephone or video interview and one follow up appointment lasting up to 2 hours overall.


Telephone/Skype/Email/Text conversations will be allocated in 15 minute blocks depending on the nature of the enquiry and the time required to research and provide answers to your questions. Simple yes/no questions will not be charged, within fair use.

Fair Use

Fair use is considered to be no more than 5 yes/no questions per month whilst a block booking period is in use, once the final block in the block booking has been used a new block needs to be purchased for continued support.

If you require only a small amount of support or have questions regarding block bookings and support please telephone the clinic on 020 8372 5926.

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Block Booking, Follow up, Initial Consultation, New Block Booking, Pre-consultation enquiry

5 reviews for Nutrition Consultations and Support

  1. Paul Corlett

    Talking to Kim really helped me get back to health. She takes a very holistic approach, go with an open mind and you will get the benefit of great advice from a very knowledgable and caring professional.

  2. Adrian Day

    Kim helped me lose the weight I wanted to lose. Her advice and guidance was practical, realistic and worked. I lost two stone over a few months and, as importantly, now eat sensibly enough for the weight to stay away.

  3. Lucy Winston

    Kim has helped me immensely, even though I can’t eat certain foods she has introduced me to a new diet and I am starting to feel so much better. Thank you Kim 🙂

  4. Tracy Morris

    I have never felt healthier, my asthma symptoms have very nearly disappeared and I’ve gone for a size 14 to 8 as a by-product of eating more healthily.

  5. P Johnson

    Five star service from Kim at Total Wellness. I had a long standing digestion issue that wouldn’t get better with all the medication the doctors & specialist have given me over the years. I had almost given up when a friend told me about Kim. The first consultation was very in-depth amd I could tell she knew her stuff. We tried a few different things before I agreed to having tests done, they weren’t cheap, but Kim was able to tell what was going on from the results. She put me on a food & supplement programme that started to help, six weeks later she adjusted things and this helped some more. I’ve now been following Kim’s advice and regular ‘tweaks’ for just over six months & I feel like a new woman. Everything seems to be working really well, I have no pain after eating and can keep food down at last. Highly recommended.

    • Robert Hawkins

      Thank you for the review P. I’m so pleased to have helped in what was a difficult time for you, keep following the plan. Kind regards, Kim

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