Body Helix – Adjustable Back Helix

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The Adjustable Back Helix is the ideal product to provide comfortable support and compression to the para-spinal and lumbo-sacral musculature helping to reduce spasm, fatigue and pain.  Support for injured abdominal musculature can also be provided.



Product Snapshot

  • Support for the lumbo-sacral muscles and tendons
  • Support for abdominal musculature
  • Form-Fit Technology ensures a perfect, comfortable fit
  • Machine washable

Product Uses

Please note that there are many causes of back pain. Please seek medical evaluation for prolonged or severe pain.

When a back compression brace is advised, the Adjustable Back Helix is the best product available. Our latest advances in fabric science allow uniform support to the para-spinal muscles, tendons and ligaments in the low back. Gentle support and comfortable compression frequently ease low back pain. The Adjustable Back Helix is recommended for pain reduction due to it’s ability to keep the muscles and tendons warm.

Arthritis of the spine is a problem of the spine joints. Our product will not help pain solely related to arthritis but if there is associated muscle spasm, the compression and warmth may aid in reducing pain.

This Helix can also be used to comfortably support injured abdominal muscles so that athletes can recover with less pain.

Adjustable Back Helix Features

The Adjustable Back Helix comes in two sizes depending on your measurement at your waistline. Small-Medium: 20-36 inches and Medium-Large: 34-52 inches.

Proper fit is important
It is very important to measure at the waistline.

Additional information

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