Sports Physiotherapy Massage

Sports Physiotherapy Massage can be very effective to help warm the muscles prior to exercise or relax them after. It can help to stretch shortened muscles, increase blood flow and condition the muscles.
The treatment is with our Physiotherapist who has an advanced level of understanding and training in remedial massage, if you require more than just massage and manipulation is indicated, that can be done at the same time.
He will also cater for those that would like a deep relaxation massage where relaxation is the primary focus but a deep tissue massage is required.
Conditions that respond well to Sports Massage are:
  • Intense workout recovery after training for a specific event
  • Repetitive muscle strains after training
  • Tight neck & back muscles from manual work
  • Muscle cramps
  • Ligament sprains
  • Scar tissue & adhesions
  • Groin strain
  • Hamstring strain
This list is not exhaustive, if you think you have an injury or issue that could respond to Sports Physiotherapy massage, call 020 8364 3550 now to discuss it with our team of experts.
  • Prices
  • Initial consultation - 60 minutes £95
  • Follow up appointments - 60 minutes £95, 45 minutes £75
Please note: Credit or Debit card details are required at the time of booking to secure an appointment, a minimum of twenty four hours notice required to cancel or re-schedule appointments or the full fee will be charged.