Adjustable IT Band Helix Compression Sleeve

The Adjustable IT Band support is ideal to support & provide comfortable compression to the IT band at the knee. It supports the ITB without restricting movement and is suitable for those diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome (ITBS). The adjustable knee strap allows comfortable positioning options.
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Adjustable IT Band Helix

Product Overview

Adjustable IT Band Compression Uses

Adjustable IT band compression and support are standard in the care and management of the IT band syndrome (ITBS) with pain or swelling. The band attaches above the knee and helps to both stabilise and move the knee joint. Iliotibial Band Syndrome is one of the most common overuse injuries among distance runners. The condition occurs when the iliotibial band, (the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin), becomes tight or inflamed.

Please note that there are many causes of knee and thigh pain. Please seek medical evaluation for prolonged or severe pain.  An IT compression wrap may or may not provide benefit depending on the cause of the pain.

Adjustable IT Band Support Snapshot
  • Comfortable compression and stabilisation of the ileotibial (IT) band
  • Ideal for individuals diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome
  • Form-Fit Technology ensures a perfect, comfortable fit and the Helix will stay in place
  • Adjustable Velcro attachment allows variable pressure
  • Machine washable


Our Adjustable IT Band support is the most comfortable strap available. We have taken advantage of the latest advances in fabric science and offer a support that can be adjusted to provide compression at comfortable level for each user. Stabilisation of the IT band may help prevent the underlying problem of the IT band rubbing against the lateral femoral epicondyle with distance running and sports such which involve prolonged running.

Moisture activation of the adherence by our fabric assures that the Helix will not migrate from the proper position despite prolonged, explosive and repetitive sports activities.  Once in place, it will stay in place.

A Correct Fit Is Important

Because the IT band is adjustable, measurement of the knee is not important. This Body Helix product is designed to support the IT band for any athlete.

Read about ITB syndrome here


For knee pain that is not on the outside of the knee, you may want try these alternatives:

The Adjustable Knee Support

Patella Helix





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