Adjustable Posture Helix

The Adjustable Posture Helix helps improve posture by providing support to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints of the shoulders. For upper back, shoulder and musculo-skeletal chest pain that may originate from specific injuries or from spending long hours sitting at a desk or computer.

Size Chart 

  • Small to Medium - 51 to 91 cm / 20'' to 36''
  • Medium to large - 86 to 132 cm / 34'' to 52''

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Adjustable Posture

Product Overview

Adjustable Posture Helix Snapshot

  • The Adjustable Posture Helix helps you hold your shoulders back by applying comfortable pressure to improve posture
  • Ideal if you’ve been diagnosed with myo-fascial upper back pain
  • Form-Fit Technology ensures a perfect, comfortable fit
  • Strong Velcro closure allows compression adjustment from slight to moderate
  • Machine washable

Product Uses

When You’re sitting at a desk it’s likely you’re intent upon your work and not concentrating on posture. The adjustable Posture Helix helps you sit in the correct position helping reduce pain and improve posture.  It also hold your shoulders back by applying comfortable pressure at the front, thereby supporting your shoulder blades in a more comfortable position.

The Helix can be used while you’re at work, in the car, sitting at rest and during any activity where good posture is necessary.  The helix gently holds your shoulders in a more comfortable and correct anatomical position during activities.

This is a really useful product if you suffer with upper back & neck pain from poor posture.  It will gently correct your upper back posture without applying undue force, leaving your body in a more relaxed & comfortable position.

Proper Fit
  • Firstly, you can experiment for the most comfortable fit as the Helix is fully adjustable.  
  • Second, the fixing strap is adjustable and can be worn in various positions, on or above the waist to suit your preference.
  • Finally, the adjustable strap can be cut to your waist/hip size to reduce excess fabric. The strap will not fray after cutting.

Please note:  Arthritis of the spine is a problem of the spinal joints. Our product will not help pain solely related to arthritis but if there is associated muscle tightness, the compression and warmth may help reduce pain.  Also, there are many causes of back and chest pain. Please seek medical help for prolonged or severe pain.

Find out about poor posture here

For lower back pain try our adjustable back helix

Size Chart 

  • Small to Medium - 51 to 91 cm / 20'' to 36''
  • Medium to large - 86 to 132 cm / 34'' to 52''


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