Adjustable Wrist Helix Compression Wrap

The Adjustable Wrist Support by Body Helix provides uniform support and compression to the wrist bones and tendons. The Adjustable Wrist Helix is used for the management of sprains and strains Injury prevention in sports associated with repetitive activities. Wrist support and warmth has provided comfort to arthritis suffers and those with wrist tendonitis.
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Product Overview

Wrist Support Snapshot
  • Wrist strap with support for both wrist flexors and extensors
  • Perfect for those suffering from wrist tendonitis, wrist strains or sprains, or arthritis of the wrist
  • Form Fit Technology for a perfect fit
  • Adjustable so that compression can be mild or moderate
  • Machine washable
  • Meets regulations for high school sports
  • Carpal tunnel pain
  • Wrist sprain
  • Wrist strain
  • Tendonitis
Wrist Compression Wrap Uses

The Adjustable Wrist Helix is a wrist support and wrist brace that uses the latest in fabric technology to provide relief for wrist strains and sprains. The easy to position strap provides support to both the wrist flexors and extensors tendons.

The Wrist Helix contains no plastic, so it is an ideal wrist support for sports such as volleyball and gymnastics where regulations exist about the materials and garments allowed during competitions.

For nearly all sports, the Adjustable Wrist Helix can aid in wrist injury treatment and recovery, supporting the wrist during repetitive motions. Please see also our Full Wrist Helix if you are seeking a wrist support including the base of the thumb as well.

The warmth provided by the Body Helix wrist compression wrap has given relief to arthritis patients and medical research notes that wrist splinting during exercise helps with the management of tennis elbow, enhancing proprioception and unburdening the extensor tendons.

The product is 100% machine washable after every use to maintain freshness.

A proper fit is important

Because the wrist support is adjustable, measurement of the wrist is not important. This Body Helix product is designed to support the wrist from the smallest to the biggest athlete.

Measure around the circumference of your wrist for the best measurement, and remember the size is not important because this wrist helix is adjustable!

Click here to learn how to position the Adjustable Wrist Helix.

Click here to see common causes of wrist pain.


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