Full Thigh Helix (Long) Compression Sleeve

The Full Thigh Helix (Long) is 2 inches longer than the Thigh Helix compression sleeve. Both thigh compression sleeves provide exceptional support to hamstrings and quadriceps through uniform compression treatment of the thigh. Our leg sleeves reduce injury through reduced muscle oscillation and vibration during sporting activity.

Size Chart 

  • Small - Circumference : 49 to 56cm
  • Medium - Circumference : 56 to 66cm
  • Large- Circumference : 66 to 76cm

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Product Overview

Full Thigh Support Snapshot
  • Support for hamstring, quadriceps and groin muscles
  • Adjustable Form Fit Technology for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable compression that stays put
  • Machine washable
Full Thigh (Long) Compression Sleeve Uses

The Full Thigh Helix (Long) Compression Sleeve is a leg support that increases the blood flow to the hamstring, quadriceps and groin muscles.The thigh compression sleeve supports the bodies healing process while providing support and protection to the injured leg muscles.

Recent research has shown that warming scar tissue makes the muscle more pliable and stretchable. Wearing a Full Thigh compression brace keeps the hamstring, thigh and groin muscles (and scar tissue from old injuries) heated and this helps relieve the strain on the tendons.

If injury prevention is your goal, wearing our full thigh compression sleeve means your leg muscles stay warm, and keep warm afterwards while your muscles and joints recover. This makes the Full Thigh Helix the most effective hamstring support to aid in the prevention of quadriceps, groin and hamstring injuries.

Our full Thigh Helix utilises Form Fit Technology to provide comfortable and uniform compression. This makes it the ideal thigh compression brace for quadriceps, groin, and hamstring injury recovery as well as for recovery between training sessions.

The sweat-activated fabric of a Body Helix compression sleeve ensures our Helix is always in position. The product will not absorb water, bacteria, or odours, and it can be washed after every wear.

What is the difference in styles?

Please see the Thigh Helix for comparison.  The Full Thigh Helix, 8.5" long, which is 2 inches longer than the Thigh Helix. It is generally the preferred quadriceps and hamstring support if you are 5'9" or taller.

The Adjustable Groin Helix specifically supports the proximal adductor longus, gracilis and buttock muscles. More groin support is provided by the Adjustable Groin Helix.

More hamstring and quadriceps muscle support is provided by the Thigh Helix and Full Thigh Helix (Long).

A proper fit is important. It is very important to measure your thigh at its largest circumference in order to choose the right size sleeve.

Size Chart 

  • Small - Circumference : 49 to 56 cm / 17'' to 22''
  • Medium - Circumference : 56 to 66 cm / 22'' to 26''
  • Large- Circumference : 66 to 76cm / 26'' to 30''


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