Food & Functional Testing

Functional DX Testing

We specialise in Functional DX testing, the test involves a blood draw either in your home or at a clinic local to you.  Through the use of the world’s most sophisticated blood chemistry interpretation technology, we receive a detailed and unique report, revealing what a traditional blood analysis doesn’t, about you, and your body's functions.

What does that mean for you?

The Functional DX test offers analysis of up to 80 blood bio-markers, this gives an effective baseline to show how your body is working.  From this information Kim Hawkins, our resident Functional Nutrition & Well-being Therapist, is able to determine a bespoke plan that suits not only how your body is functioning, but how you can incorporate the foods you like and account for the ones that aren't helping.  It can also point out essential nutrients that may be missing from your diet, which can be remedied with supplementation.

Do you think the food you eat is making you ill?

If you get bloating, pain or digestive discomfort after eating it is likely your immune system is overly sensitive. There are many tests we can provide at Total Wellness, and the first step is to come in for an initial one hour consultation.  We take a full and comprehensive medical, signs, symptoms and lifestyle history, from that we can ascertain which type of test would be most beneficial. We also advise on dietary changes that may need to be addressed and give a comprehensive analysis and suggested menu plan

If tests are needed they consist of a blood, urine or saliva sample which is sent to specialist laboratories. The tests start from £75 and results are usually returned within two weeks, we can then advise you on dietary and lifestyle changes, and supplements that may be appropriate.

Allergy Testing

An allergy is a reaction in your body to eating, touching or smelling something that your body cannot cope with.  The reaction is normally immediate & the symptoms might be itchy skin, swelling or wheezing.  If you suffer from an allergy it is important to identify what you are allergic to as this will help you deal with symptoms in the correct manner.

What are the symptoms?

Sneezing, runny nose, coughing, swelling, itchy eyes, ears, lips & palate, wheezing, sinus pains, repeated nausea.

Your consultation with our nutritionist Kim Knight BSc. Hons. is the first step to finding out what you are sensitive to. She can determine if an allergy test is appropriate based on your symptoms and case history.

Prices, Bookings and Reviews

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