Full Elbow Helix Compression Sleeve

The Full Elbow Helix is a breakthrough in compression support for elbow pain associated with overuse and repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow. The elbow support is effective for use on biceps, triceps, elbow and forearm pain and for reducing swelling of the elbow joint and soft tissues.

Size Chart 

  • Small - Circumference : 24 to 27.5cm
  • Medium- Circumference : 27.5 to 39.5cm
  • Large - Circumference : 39.5 to 43cm
  • Extra Large - Larger than 43cm

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Product Overview

Full Elbow Support Snapshot
  • Support and compression for forearm pain
  • Ideal for diagnosed tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, forearm sprains, and elbow tendonitis
  • Medical-grade, physician-designed supports
  • High-tech fabric allows a full range of motion
  • Machine washable
  • Stays in position
Full Elbow Compression Sleeve Uses

Our Full Elbow Helix Compression Sleeve provides support and compression for forearm pain associated with elbow tendinitis or muscle strains. It offers protection for the elbow as well as the biceps, triceps, forearm muscles and tendons.  This extremely comfortable sleeve is excellent as a Tennis Elbow support (lateral epicondylitis) and a Golfer’s Elbow support (medial epicondylitis).

It is suitable for distal biceps and triceps injuries or proximal forearm injuries associated with the forearm pain. The support also provides a moderate level of support to the joint and the attached structures.

The Helix utilises Form Fit Technology. The incredible stretch and elasticity of our elbow sleeve makes it easy to fit comfortably over the joint and allows for a complete bend.

The Helix diminishes or eliminates forearm pain from tendinitis and other overuse injuries and inflammation while still allowing a full range of motion. The sleeve is also ideal for the forearm preventing injury during contact sports, providing protection and compression to the upper arm, elbow and forearm.

Most users find that our elbow supports will not "bunch up'" in the crease of the elbow and can be worn for hours without the discomfort caused by other braces and sleeves. The sleeve will not absorb excess water, bacteria, or odours and it can be washed after every use.

What is the difference in styles?

The small Full Elbow Helix sleeves is 8.5" long and the medium and large  are 11" long. This provides a longer area of support for the arm and forearm when compared to the Elbow Helix.

The Full Elbow Helix is generally preferred by taller athletes when compression of a larger area than just the elbow is desired.

A proper fit is important. It is very important to measure your biceps 1-2 inches above the crease in the elbow (antecubital fossa) with a straight arm in order to get a proper fit. Please do not measure your forearm.

What size should I get if I am between two sizes?

As a general rule, if you are a muscular athlete, you will want the smaller of the two sizes. If you are not quite so lean, the larger of the two sizes will be slightly more comfortable. However, you may not fit the general rule but prefer a smaller or larger size based purely on comfort.

If you need help deciding which Helix is correct, consider the size of your arm, the cause of the pain and the area of pain; If you are tall, have a large area of pain and have pain because of overuse, the Full Elbow Helix will provide more support and compression than the Elbow Helix.

Size Chart 

  • Small - Circumference : 24 to 27.5 cm / 9.5'' to 11''
  • Medium- Circumference : 27.5 to 39.5 cm / 11'' to 15.5'' ''
  • Large - Circumference : 39.5 to 43 cm / 15.5'' to 17''
  • Extra Large - Larger than 43 cm / 17''
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