Hip Flexor Spasm

Hip flexor muscles

Hip flexors connect your lower back to your legs, they are large powerful muscle that aid walking, climbing stairs and other activities like running when you are lifting your knees in front of you. If you've been living with lower back ache and thought it was a sign of ageing you could have a hip flexor spasm, you may have had the symptoms for years and it can often start after prolonged physical exertion or exercise.

Hip flexor spasm symptoms

These may include but are not limited to;

  • Generalised lower back ache
  • Pain at one or both sacro-iliac joints
  • Lower back ache when walking that is relieved by sitting down
  • Stiffness and an inability to stand up completely straight after sitting
  • Morning lower back stiffness

For over twenty five years our Physiotherapist Robert has been successfully treating hip flexor spasm by manual release of the psoas major muscle.  He uses a unique technique to relieve the symptoms of this debilitating condition and relief can be felt within 1-2 treatments. Make an appointment with him now to get accurate diagnosis and treatment for your back by calling 020 8364 3550.