Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is often mis-diagnosed & mis-treated

We regularly see what has been diagnosed as “frozen shoulder” in clinic which is not at all.  If you can barely move your shoulder it may well be ‘frozen’ but if you can at least move your arm by 30 degrees, the chances are it’s not frozen.

What can be done?

A lot! is the short answer. Our Physiotherapist Robert has years of experience dealing with shoulder pains, he uses advanced techniques of NMES , deep tissue friction, muscle energy stretching and home exercises to activate and rehabilitate the shoulder girdle muscles, this is sufficient to get the shoulder working as it should, restore mobility and decrease pain.

The most common condition of the shoulder

Known as “painful shoulder” described by most Orthopaedic specialists we know.  The NHS would have us believe that pain is a symptom rather than a condition but in our extensive experience painful shoulder is a condition identified by patients as being of no known cause.  It is painful on lifting the arm up into the air and usually when attempting to bring the arm up behind the back, doing up your bra if you’re a lady or scratching your back if you’re a man.

Who does it affect?

Primarily women between 45 & 60 and the occasional man, it is suspected to be linked with hormonal changes where collagen and elastic tissues become less flexible.  Additionally it can be associated with ladies that have had breast cancer surgery and/or axial lymph node removal.  Both of which can lead to excessive scar tissue in the affected shoulder region.

See our page on Cancer & Surgery Rehab for more information on post-surgical Physiotherapy.

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