Muscle Stimulation Therapy

Muscle Stimulation Therapy uses NMES, so what is NMES?

Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation is a form of electro-therapy designed to eliminate disuse atrophy (muscle loss) when there is an injury or mechanical limiting factor for joints such as Osteo-arthritis where you are stopped from doing your usual activities, or post surgically before weight bearing exercises are possible.  It can even be used prior to surgery to maintain muscle strength and integrity. If you are interested in hiring NMES for home use from £30 per week click here for more information or call us now 020 8364 3550 to see how you can benefit from muscle stimulation.


How does NMES work

It works by sending a small electrical impulse through the muscles, recruiting up to 100% of your muscle fibres and without the pain associated with strengthening exercises. It can be used for almost any muscle in the human body and the treatment is available in clinic with the Compex wireless machine, we also have two types of devices available to hire or buy which can be discussed at your Our Physiotherapist Robert is extensively trained and experienced in using NMES to help you recover after an injury or joint replacement, we have found this to be one of the most beneficial methods for treating muscle wastage when you have been unable to perform daily activities such as walking, carrying, lifting etc. The stimulation can be applied to most muscles in the body so if you are recovering from a fracture, a joint replacement, surgery or a muscle strains & tears, NMES can speed up your recovery and get you back to a normal life.